A Little About the Site

This site was created to share some of my work with the world and allow friends and family to access captures of their events and occasions. Recently, I have worked to develop my serious hobby of photography into a side business. The result is DH-Prophoto. 

I love photography and wish I would have chased it as a full time endeavor many years ago but really never had the proper guidance or money to invest in the necessary equipment needed to get a good start. I have always done one thing right and that is, when I did purchase equipment, I never skimped and did my research. I am a Nikon fan and always will be thanks to my Grandfather and Mother.  They have have passed on but left their mark on me through their work and passion. Over the years I have added to my equipment, upgraded wisely and taken care of my tools. If you take care of your tools, they will take care of you when you need them most.

Enjoy my work and passion,

M.Rice / Wylderice


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