The Western Sportsman featured a story written by Elmer Keith that tells the story of a wonderful hunt that he went on with  Gammon Gregg Nesbitt, Jr. and his wife Sunshine Johnson Nesbitt.   Gammon and Shine are my Great Grandparents.  The gun that Sunshine is holding in the pictures is a Winchester .270 that was made in 1931.  Elmer Keith and Jack O'Connor, who was also a close friend of Gammon and Shine helped select this particular rifle for Sunshine.  They felt that the .270 caliber round was capable of taking any North American soft skinned animal humanely.  The gun was used to take game by Gammon and Shine and then passed on to Gammon Gregg Nesbitt, III who hunted with it for 30+ years until he retired it and passed it along to me.  I cherish this firearm only wish that had the story of each of their hunting trips. 

Sunshine kept wonderful journals of each hunt.  One day I was digging in the attic of their old home on Jordan Street in Shreveport LA and found several hunting journals and a bunch of old photos of game and fish that they had taken over the years. 

Treasures from the past.  


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